I've been racking my brain trying to figure out why the non-breaking space button on the TinyMCE Advanced Editor doesn't work, and finally found a posting that stated that this button does not work on Firefox. So, I tried it in Safari and lo and behold, it works.

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I am still trying to figure out where the default style settings for images are created in the code, though. I was trying to add and image with a caption, and I noticed in the editor that the image style is automatically set to have a margin of 10px on the bottom and the left side and a margin of 0px on the top and right side, which I don't want. But I don't want to have to reset it every single time I add an image. Grrrr... I'm still searching for the solution for this. I've looked at the media.php file and the editimage.js files, and have done tons of searches, but to no avail. Somewhere, there is some code setting the demoImageStyle to some value, but I don't know where those values are coming from....

How to Strip Strings from a Text File

Ok, I've been working on this problem for about 2 hours already, and it's driving me crazy. Especially because I am sure that I've dealt with this problem before and somehow solved it but I don't remember at all how I did it! So, what I am in the process of doing right now is trying to strip all the URLs in ALL of the posts of a blog that I'm working with right now, so that I can set up some kind of script to automatically open up every one of the image URLs and download those images onto my computer. I have to do this because I'm switching the blog from Blogger to Wordpress and while the import function worked splendidly for fetching the posts, I also want to have the images in the posts hosted on the Wordpress server, not Blogger. Which means I have to download all of the images, then upload them to the server, and switch all the posts to refer to the images on the Wordpress server. I would like to do this in as automated a manner as possible.

Which brings me to my attempt to strip all the image URLs from the giant text file I created with all of the code for every post currently on the blog.

Finally, I have figured out once again how to SEARCH for the exact string I'm looking for, as illustrated below, BUT, I don't know how to strip away everything in the text file EXCEPT for those strings. Google search is totally useless. I think Google search makes the task even longer because it throws out so much garbage.

So now, I am trying to write a simple PHP file that will take in the text file, search for all the matching strings, and then output the results. So that maybe I can get a nice clean list of all the URLs to work with. We'll see.


To search for a string which starts and ends with certain characters:
\"" = this will search for all strings that start with \". The "?" makes the search ungreedy, so it will look for the first instance of the ">".

PHP Regular Expression Reference