Want to get away? Take trips around the world to exotic locations and beautiful cities -- without the hassle of "actual" travel. Send souvenirs to your friends to show them you've been there and done that. Happy travels!

What is Virtual Vacations?

Virtual Vacations is a fun, travel-themed application that lets you hop around the world without all the hassle of time off requests, airport security checks, lost luggage, and weak currency. You'll be able to virtually travel to vibrant cities, tropical getaways, famous landmarks, and wondrous natural wonders of nature. From your destinations, you'll want to send unique souvenirs to all of your Facebook friends to share and commemorate your adventure. It's a non-stop vacation -- how can you say no to that?

What are Travel Points?

Travel Points are required to go from one Virtual Vacations destination to another. Travel to different destinations costs different amounts, depending on the distance between your current location and your desired destination. You'll start off with 5 Travel Points and will be able to accumulate more Points by sending and receiving souvenirs. You get 2 Travel Points for each souvenir sent and 1 Travel Point for each souvenir received.